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Lithuania’s soft drink market is experiencing a surge in demand for locally produced craft sodas. Volume in the Soft Drinks market is projected to reach 173.2 mL by 2027. The average volume per person in Lithuania’s Soft Drinks market is anticipated to be 68.37L in 2024. Lithuania will generate US$115.50 per person in 2024 in terms of per capita revenues.

Groundwater is the sole source of drinking water in Lithuania. This is due to several factors: groundwater resources are very large, there is abundant available recharge (annual precipitation averages from 540 to 930 mm), and geological conditions are favourable (the thickness of sedimentary rock cover varies from several hundred metres to two kilometres or more)[1].

[1] https://www.ngu.no/FileArchive/NGUPublikasjoner/


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Revenue in Lithuania's Soft Drinks market in 2024 (projection)
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expected average volume per person in Lithuania's soft drinks in 2024
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Average increase of bottled water imports since 1999
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Data Shown is using current exchange rates and reflects market impacts of the Russian-Ukraine war. (Most recent update: Aug 2023)

Source: Statista Market Insights

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  • Expected 302 M (US $) revenue in Lithuania’s soft drinks market in 2024 (projection)


  • Volume in the Soft Drinks market is projected to reach 173.2 mL by 2027.

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