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Dairy products, alongside with egges and honey are continuously placed withing the top 3 most exported Slovenian agricultural products, with a total  share of 13% in the value of the total export for 2022.


About the Sector

As of 2022 data, around 157.000 dairy cows live in Slovenia on around 4 800 registered dairy farms. The milk yield is ∼6.11 tones per cow and the milk production ~ 620 000 tonnes. The country is self-sufficient in milk production (130%), with a steady positive . Four different types of cheese from Slovenia are labeled as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).

Dairy Cows
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Milk yield per cow
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Self Sufficiency in milk production
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Changes in milk production

in the period 2018-2022 and estimates for 2023 (average for 2018-2022 = 100)

Source: : SURS, KIS (calculations and estimates for 2023)

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) per unit of milk produced show a clear and favourable downward trend after 2013.

In particular:

0.704 kg CO2 eq

Target value for 2022 in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) per unit of milk

Source: Agricultural Instituto of Slovenia